Hello and Welcome to Our EHS Class of 1966 Website!

We just had our most recent big event – our 65th Birthday Bash!

Be sure to check out the photos on the GoodtimevIII (GT3 Photos) and Birthday Party  Photos pages! We really had fun!

And be sure to send us any information that you might have on any of our fellow classmates.  To make it easy you can fill out the Form on our Classmate Update page.

Then it’s quickly approaching in 2016, we are planning our 50th Reunion Party!

My how time flies!!

Stay tuned for further details.

Thank you!
The EHS Class of 1966 Reunion Committee!
Fred, Pat, Dinah, Claudine, Pat, Marc, Cindy, Gail, Diane, Star, John, Sandi, Wayne, Betsy.

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